Once in a lifetime...  

It’s not every day a new oil terminal is officially opened in Ireland…
a first for the 21st century and a first for LSS Ltd. It’s an event worth remembering – an event worth celebrating.

You are welcome to join the celebrations and to accept this special commemorative brochure from LSS Ltd. Investment and infrastructure in the north west regions of Ireland and Northern Ireland have developed beyond belief in the past ten to fifteen years. Now, even that progress is moving into a whole new realm…

On the banks of the River Foyle, not far from the historic ‘Maiden City’, overlooking the rolling hills of Donegal – LSS Ltd has built a high-tech, high-volume oil storage facility. For the first time in decades, Northern Ireland has a new Oil terminal.

Made for the 21st century, made to meet the modern demands of the business, industrial, and economic communities throughout Ireland…. Made to take leading edge oil terminal technology on to our roads… into our homes…and pumping production in our factories….. Made to provide perfect storage facilities for all other oil and petroleum companies.

Where there was just a wasteland – a brown field site of old, unused industrial ground - there is now a landmark for our times.

This represents progress, innovation, visionary forward thinking at its best. It also makes sound business sense for all other oil companies.

Logistically, transporting oil around both jurisdictions in Ireland is expensive. It eats into profit margins. It impacts on the environment. It takes time – costly hours and hours of time – which all add up. Oil companies can access the new terminal to store oil – to allow for smooth, efficient service to markets in and around the North West.


This new Oil Terminal is unique in Ireland. Four types of fuel will be imported through the Maydown site – gas oil and kerosene, ultra low sulphur diesel, and Unleaded petroleum – with storage capacity of 86,000 tonnes.

It’s about economies of scale. It’s about volume. It’s about storage – and it makes sound business sense. It’s an oil terminal for the computer age – entirely automated – with oil movements being controlled on screen – using literally the latest technology…complying strictly to all health and safety regulations…and protecting the environment.

In short, this is a massive investment for the entire north west region.It’s brand new – built from scratch using the existing Invista Jetty – which as been adapted to accept 24,000 tonne tankers.

The terminal is sea-fed. It features four new import pipe lines – running 1,200 mtrs, from the jetty into one of the eleven storage tanks. It features SAAB Radar Tank Gauging. Totally controlled by computer – and featuring four  bottom loading gantries, the terminal then feeds fuel from the relevant tank to the road tankers…

Oil companies who use the terminal for storage can manage their own inventory – by simply dialling into the computer system. There is no need to have a member of staff or office on site. The system is electronically controlled - the tanker driver is issued with a card – which when inserted checks all credentials, before progressing to the loading area.

Orders are received via computer link to the terminal. Electronic pre-sets mean that the driver gets no more or no less than what has been authorised by his company. On exit, the driver is issued with a print out of all paperwork. The oil company is only ever billed for the exact quantity.


  To find out more contact the Terminal Manager Alan Kerr at LSS Ltd. on T. ++44 (0) 28 71 861 451 E. alan.kerr@lsslimited.com